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3 Things You Want to Catch Your Child in the Act of (Part 1)


You just climbed a flight of stairs with an armload of laundry. You knock on your 12 year old daughter's bedroom door. She shouts, "Mom, don't come in!"  Your suspicions rise, not to mention the laundry you are holding is about to tumble onto...

The Truth about Football and Servant Leadership


With one minute left in the state football championship game, the cougar team ran onto the field.  Jersey #4, a high school senior undergoing cancer treatments, ran onto the field for his first and final play of the season.  Unprompted by the...

Why You Need to Let Your Child Fail

When my kids were little, I was the helicopter mom sitting outside watching them play.  I was sure someone was going to kidnap them. As they got older, I needed to start releasing my grip.  They were choking to death under my watchful care!   I...

How to Help Your Child Grieve


Tips for Celebrating Christmas in Your Home

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?

It absolutely is!

And our time and attentions are being pulled in so many different directions. Every group our families associate with will have their own Christmas celebrations or events, and in...

Distracted Parenting: Do We Have it All Wrong?

You see it publicly every place you go: the fussy newborn, the tantrum-ing toddler, or the rolling eyes of an angry young child. Emotions have been and always will be one of the most challenging parenting issues. The majority of us have the “d”...

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